Drawing for the harness conducted

by USDFD on July 30, 2012

The drawing for the harness was conducted at the Duck Club CDE in Oxnard, CA with Hardy Zanke drawing the winning ticket. Hardy was head judge at the 27-29 July CDE. Hardy had stated that he had bought one ticket and if he drew it he would discard it and draw the winning ticket. This drew a few chuckles for who wins a raffle prize purchasing just one ticket. Well, it happened. Congratulations go to Stephanie Axelson of Winlock, WA who had the winning ticket for the harness. She bought one ticket at the Inavale Farm CDE In Philmoth, Oregon earlier this month with her last 10 dollars before her next payday. She has a shetland pony that she drives and she is excited to have won the harness.

Thanks to everyone who has sold tickets. An update will be available in the near future on how much the raffle has made.

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