A Dressage Festival was held Saturday 18 July thru to Sunday 19 July 2015 at Jody Cutlers in, California.


In spite of the weather of lightening and thunder showers topped with high temperature and high humidity more to be expected in Florida and not California.

Alanno Flax-Clark one of the para-dressage riders that came to the Rancho Murieta Clinic (seeHELP page from its CLINICS page. The riders from the Ridden Dressage were invited to drive in one of the carriages. Most of the riders went for a few laps of the indoor arena with Diane’s Rupert. They loved it and Diane told her about the Dressage Festival and may be Diane could teach her more. Alanno came to the festival and ended up entering two Classes, and came in second and fourth.Alanno cannot use her hands so loops were tied into the reins and the loops put over here wrists.Diane Kastama drove a new Advanced test on both days . Jody Cutler groomed for Alanno Very difficult and a major challenge.

Shady Oaks CDS

There were four USDFD entries to the Sept 18-21 Shady Oaks CDE:
Ginny Leel, Training Level Single Pony.
Tracy Bowman Preliminary Single Pony.
Stephanie Putnum Preliminary Single Horse.
Diane Kastama Preliminary Pair.

  • Ginny came in second for Dressage and Cones and tied for First in the Marathon. Overall, 2nd Place.
  • Tracy came in 6th for Dressage, 7th for Marathon, 4th for Cones, and 5th overall.
  • Stef came in 2nd in Dressage, 2nd in Marathon, 3rd in Cones, and 1st overall. Stef also received awards for Preliminary Division Championship (1st of 32 drivers),Preliminary Single Horse Championship (1st out of 14 drivers) as well as two Reserrve C Championship ribbons for the whole Preliminary Division (2nd of 32 drivers) and 2nd place Dreessage
  • Diane came in First for Dressage and Cones but eliminated by missing Gate B in the Fort Obstacle.

Sargents CDE

Three USDFD drivers entered Sargent’s CDE of August 29-31, 2014:
Tracy Bowman Preliminary Single Pony
Stephenie Putnum Preliminary Single Horse
Ginny Leel Prliminary Single Pony

  • Tracy came in 2nd in Dressage, 1st in Marathon, 3rd in Cones for a final 2nd place
  • Stephanie came in 3rd in Dressage, 3rd in Marathon 1st in Cones for a final 2nd place.
  • Stephanie was awarded Championship Reserve for all Preliminary (15 drivers) and Reserve Championship for
  • Preliminary Horse. She was 0.01 points from 1st place. Stephanie also won for the fastest preliminary time in a special obstaccle sponsored by the Groupies
  • Ginny came in First for Marathon,3rd in Marathon, 2n in Cones for a final 1st.