PARAGRAPHS Newsletter September 2013

by USDFD on September 17, 2013

The Board of Trustees took June and July off because many of the Trustees were organizing and/or competing in events but August found them back at work and celebrating the recent clinic in New Jersey. Vice President Diane will tell you all about it. Several other clinics are in the planning stage with Maine, Arizona, Florida, and California as possible locations.

The clinics introduce persons with disabilities to driving as well as provide training opportunities for drivers who would love to be selected for Team USA. That selection process is complicated; Hardy Zantke’s article in this issue of Paragraphs explains it for us, for which we are grateful.

We have often commented on our inability to send our own horses and equipment to the European venues of biannual international competition due to the exorbitant expense involved. While we continue to work to raise money to support the Team, we expect to borrow horses and equipment and compete at a slight disadvantage because of that necessity. We also expect to continue to support the international competition. Team USA will be at Sandringham, England in 2014 wearing red, white, and blue, sipping tea, and practicing their curtsies, just in case the Queen stops by… —Bev White

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