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This video is an introduction to the sport of carriage driving sponsored by the American Driving Society in Cooperation with the Carriage Association of America. The 12 minute presentation introduces newcomers to the sport. Footage includes scenes from Oregon, California and North Carolina and includes mention of the USDFD.

This video shows the Cones Pick Your Route. This is at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Held on October 19-20, 2012. See other video for Cones Pick Your Route.

Video is of the Cones Fault and Out contest. Diane Kastama entered the California Saddle Horse Breeding Association Futurity Horse Show and Fall Classic held October 19-21, 2012. Pleasure show competitions were held at theSouth Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada ( Diane performed a special showing with her pair of horses, grooms niece Kelly Kastama and Jody Cutler, each holding a flag as Diane raced in one big oval as the announcer described Diane and gave a plug for the USDFD. Diane competed her pair against 7 horses and ponies in six classes. Third in Cones Pick your Route.Fifth in Working. Sixth in both Turnout and Reinmanship.

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