Past Teams

Team USA Members of the Past:

  • Mary Gray
  • Peggy Benge
  • Megan Benge
  • Carol Wilkinson
  • Michael Muir
  • Kate River
  • Cindy Goff
  • Tom Turner
  • Diane Kastama
  • Becky Merritt
  • Pam Johnson
  • Mary Woolverton
  • Gene Hagberg
  • ‘Karen Gorham’
  • Add Robert Giles
  • Virginia Boo Fitch

United States Driving for the Disabled holds the distinguished privilege of selecting a team to represent the United States of America in international competition. Since 1994, our teams, individuals, and even pair drivers have been wonderfully successful. As of 2006 the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) sanctions and organizes these events, held every two years. The USEF’s Team USA has one of the best medaling histories despite consistently using unfamiliar horses leased in the hosting counties.

USEF’s Team USA World Championships

1994 – First unofficial Demonstration
Championship of Drivers with Disabilities held in Hartpury, England,
Team USA Silver: Mary Gray, Cindy Goff, Tom Turner, Rebecca Merritt
Individual Gold: Mary Gray

1998 – First official IPEC (International Para Equestrian Committees) World
Championship for Drivers with Disabilities held in Wolfsburg, Germany,
Team USA Bronze: Kate Rivers, Mary Gray, Michael Muir
Individual Bronze: Kate Rivers

2000 – IPEC WC held in Stadl Paura, Austria
Individual Gold: Kate Rivers

2002 – IPEC WC held in Greven, Germany,
Team USA Bronze: Diane Kastama, Meghan Benge, Peggy Benge
Individual Silver: Diane Kastama

2004 – IPEC WC held in Hopetoun, Scotland,
Individual Bronze – Pairs Class – Michael Muir

2006 – First FEI WC for Drivers with Disabilities, held in Hellendoorn, The Netherlands,
Individual Gold: Diane Kastama

2008 – FEI WC held in Greven, Germany,
Team USA Silver: Meghan Benge, Diane Kastama, Mary Gray
Individual Gold: Meghan Benge
Individual Bronze: Diane Kastama

2010 – Team not sent due to lack of funding

2012 – FEI WC held in Breda, The Netherlands
Team – USA Fourth

Team 2012 Info

2014 – Robert Giles, Virginia Boo Fitch, Diane Kastama.
Individual, Mary Gray
Team Bronze, Robert Giles – Individual Silver

Team 2014 Info

Meghan Benge at the 2008 Disabled Championships in Greven, Germany driving a Welsh Cob named Jack.