Winner of the harness raffle Photo

by USDFD on October 23, 2012

“Took me long enough but I finally got a photo for you. We tried to make it appear that Sunny was harnessed to the cart but he’s not. He’s only 17 months old. However, I did ground drive him and he did really well for his first time. I’m not complaining. We also had the cart shafts in the loops and pulled the cart while he walked. It didn’t phase him a bit. My boyfriend, Rowdy, has been working with him since he was very small. Rowdy has been using some of Clinton Anderson’s techniques with Sunny and they’ve worked well for us.

Sorry it took so long but I’m very happy with the harness. Thank you VERY much!”

Stephanie Axelson
(Winner of the harness raffle)

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